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About April 2, 2014


Dr. Kirsten Wirth is a licensed psychologist (C.Psych.) and board certified behavior analyst-doctoral (BCBA-D), and has a PhD in Psychology – Applied Behaviour Analysis from the University of Manitoba. She is currently an Adjunct Professor in the Psychology Department at the University of Manitoba (, the Clinical Manager for the School-Age Autism Learning Program at St.Amant (, and the Governmental Affairs Chair, Founder, and a Past President of the Manitoba Association for Behaviour Analysis ( She is also the author of “How to get your child to go to sleep and stay asleep: A practical guide for parents to sleep train young children,” and the mother of two young children. Click here for Dr. Wirth’s full curriculum vitae.

“When I was pregnant with my son I became open to a whole new world of advice ranging from friends and family to my OB-GYN. Since my training model was scientist-practitioner, I am trained to critically evaluate information, and tend to be skeptical of most. I have spent years now researching not just what decisions to make, but why – and this is something that even the best physicians often neglect to tell us. It’s not easy to navigate through the hoards of information available on the internet. I’m hoping that through this blog I can help other parents cut through the misinformation and provide an easy resource for evidence-based parenting information.” Kirsten Wirth


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